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May 2019

The Montpelier Foundation Is Now An Independent Nonprofit

Ed Flanagan, Chair of the Board of The Montpelier Foundation, announced the Foundation is now an independent nonprofit organization. Originally created under the umbrella of the City of Montpelier, Flanagan says it was time to make this change. “We’ve had potential donors who said they would rather contribute to an independent entity. We found that there are certain businesses and organizations that are willing to donate but, as part of their guidelines, the Montpelier Foundation had to be a non-profit organization. We also recognized the need for us to be nimble and flexible to better respond to both donors and requests to support valuable projects.”

Since 1994, with contributions from local citizens and businesses, the Foundation has supported many worthy community projects in Montpelier, including: the Montpelier tennis courts next to the high school; the large modern community playground on Barre Street (behind the Montpelier Senior Activity Center; the Montpelier Bike Path; the reconstruction of the Montpelier Senior Activity Center after the fire in 2009. Most recently, the Montpelier Foundation funded the new lights at Montpelier War Memorial in front of City Hall.

“We’re now working to create a new website which will make it easier for citizens to get the information they need whether they are prospective donors or prospective grant seekers,” Flanagan noted. He added “We hope to get this up and running by summer.”

The Montpelier Foundation enhances the community’s ability to make valuable capital improvements to improve the quality of life for local residents and visitors. Created in 1994, donations and bequests support projects that provide long term public benefits in Montpelier.

Montpelier Foundation funds can be used for costs associated with the design, construction or acquisition of educational, recreational, transportation, public safety, utility, conservation and preservation, and cultural improvements having a useful life of at least 20 years, unless otherwise designated by the donor.

Tax-deductible contributions to the fund are administered and overseen by the Montpelier Foundation Board of Trustees. For more information:

To donate, gifts may be made by check and should be made to the Montpelier Foundation and sent to Montpelier Foundation, PO Box 364, Montpelier, VT 05601. To discuss other methods of giving, please contact Foundation chair Ed Flanagan.


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